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The Pain On Her Face
LS (6/7/91 / Casa Grande)

The Pain On Her Face

Poem By leticia starkey

I use to know this little girl
that use to love to laugh
but now I see her and her face is full of pain she walks around like she has nothing to gain
her face is covered in tears like big drops of rain
but this little girl is in so much pain
she walks with her head dowm at school
people always tells her shes is not cool
her heart is hard
she has to much pain but yet again this little girl think she has nothing to gain
her laughs will fool you
but really she wants to cry
she can make you laugh
but when you see her it makes you want to cry
because you can hear the pain in her voice
but really its like pushing a toy that makes a fake little noise
but when you see hear incourage her
because you can see the pain on her face.

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