AS ( / Kansas)

The Pain That I Love

I lay on the floor,
in my own pool of blood.
I take another blow to my back,
as you throw another punch.

I close my eyes,
put my hands over my head
as you hit me and kick me,
when will it end

I don't know why
I let you do this to me,
Its gone on for so long
you'd think i would leave

But I love you so much,
which is ironic some would say,
you'd think I would hate you,
because you treat me this way

But when its all over,
I feel better than ever,
cause the pain is my paradise,
My life, My heaven

As you yell at me,
I look in your eyes
The love that i see,
and the Love is the lie

But as I lay here now
feeling dizzy, and free
I start to drift away,
my body goes weak

Finally your done
and you tell me you love me
but i'm already gone
in my eternal sleep

the pain is no more
cause now i'm alone
Stuck in this nightmare
That I now call my home

I sit here and wait,
for when your time will come
that you will join me in my new life
and cause the pain that I love

by Anonymous Seeker

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this is sadly beautiful! its such a sad piece but very well written