MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

The Pain That Its Inside Of Me

Aggravation builds up in me.
Everybody telling me No You cant do it
Maybe they are right
Maybe I cant do it
The complexity is too much.
Should I just quit ahead of time?
Tears stinging my eyes
Yet they are where nobody can see them
Frustration taunts me
Even in my dreams
The dreams are so vivid
I dont know where to go
Or what to do
I have completely lost what was left inside of me

There wasnt much
But now there is not even a speck.
I try to keep my head up
But the impact knocks me down
I cant smile without something to remind me of the past
The future, The past, and The present hits me all at once
Too much to think about
So much to do
So little time
How can I do it?

ts pain put together in a triple threat.
I cant cry
It shows too much weakness
I have to show that I am strong
Even when I am not
But it looks as if I am failing.
I am to far down
I cant get back up
Not even the Lord himself could bring me up
I ask that you not be daunt
I dont ask for your pity
Or your self judgement
I cant take the pain that you bring
You load it up on me like I am a train
I cant grasp the stress in the palm of my hand and just toss it
No it stays with me
Every where I go
Everything I do its right there
Haunting me.
Is this only the birth of the on coming stress
How can I do this

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