The Painful Reflection

Poem By Kaitlin Schmidt

As you stand in front of the mirror,
The reflection reveals the things you have been trying to hide.
The pain overpowers the
The insecurities covers the
The desperation hides the
The imperfections mask the
You stare into your eyes hoping to see the
Goodness and joy you know is somewhere buried inside.
Searching desperately leads you no where,
Just back to the struggles that have always been in your way.
Hoping for a new beginning won't get you anywhere
Until you face the insecurities that have
Taken over your mind.

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Standing still, feet planted
Body frozen, mind racing
Fear takes over
Like another entity

I Am Perfect The Way I Am

The confidence I spent years belittling down
To nothing somehow regained its strength.
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Not as imperfections, but perfections that make me me.

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Drowning breathlessly never ending
Pounding vacancies with no guarantee
A gentle fatality has sweet design
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The imaginary power takes over the world, and the people in it.
Making minute things important, and important things unnecessary.
And so the world turns.

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Agony and exhaustion come with each stroke.
Many times I find myself questioning
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My realization has just now begun
My life's not about what can't be undone
But trying to change the future beginning now
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