JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Painted Moan Emotion

The characteristic sensation of the body
And mind, discomfort of general condition
In life. The heart weeping, whisper uttered
Softly; pain, suffering, tiring moment day by day.

The damage of hurts, tear emotion so deep;
Tears running down cannot control, emotion suffer
So hard, collapsing over. Where did it comes from?

The abusive people, experience, things, places,
Self dissatisfaction, despair; marked by harmful

The emotion goes to the deeper intellect
Essential part of the heart, knowledge based
On wide, broad experience day in, day out.

With His unfailing love, He takes and hold me,
God comfort, carry me, tells a lot of story in
Heaven and earth.

He feed my emotion show me the good outlook of my
Existence. He renewed me.

In times like this, I'll be in His spirit to take
Rest with the tiring soul. My emotion sang,
Praising Him! casting out all my burden,
Knelt my knees, wipe my Tears away.

I can start a new day, with smiles and hope
For the future.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
20 March 2005
4: 45 AM

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