The Painted

In the whirl of colors, kaleidescope of fear,
The Painted faces sway and twist and leap.
Variety intensified, the world a piebald sphere,
The Painted are the weavers from the Deep.
The Painted are the keeners from the Deep.

A flash of burning crimson, a taste of siren blue,
The Painted smiles curled in twisted hate.
Spiraling in ribbons, a web ensaring you
The Painted’s songs will insincerely sate.
The Painted’s words will insincerely sate.

Twirling fans of paper, the colors blend and mesh,
The Painted eyes are watching everywhere.
Balloons are bursting color, the rainbow’s here in flesh,
The Painted ones! Every man beware!
The Painted ones! Every soul beware!
The Painted ones! Everyone beware!

by Sophia White

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