Give Me A Life In You

Hold memories
To be in your life
Touch me
As if you feel it still
When the days left us
I wont let it go
Will you let me go?

All the shadow of our past
Haunting my steps ahead
So I surrender all of mine to be yours
Promise my name to be written inside you
Till the end of the days
Let it stay...stay..stay

(chorus I)
Never will i...let it go
Forever mine
But take all
to be yours

(chorus II)
Don't let it fades away
Give it a life in you
In your moving days
To breathe till the end of time

If i have granted a wish to be true
I want to own time to be back with you
And replay all memories again, again and again...
Around and round the past
Breathing in your breath
till there's nothing left
forever It stays
In hearts
of us...
till the end of time

(repeat the chorus I and II)

by Unwritten Soul

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