The Pantry Of Paper's Heart

As I sit and sip an early morning cup of tea,
Smooth, warm memories flood my mind
of a gentle man I knew
Who was a legend in his time.
A decent, courageous man was He - surprisingly hard to find.
Not the least bit ashamed to let his feelings show
or to let a tear fill his eyes, concerning someone he didn't even know.
He strengthened the spirits of friends
with warmth, love, courtesy and security.
No emptiness in this heart none did you ever see!
A warm beautiful smile, smiling brown eyes tore at your Soul,
And you would think to yourself, as you got a hug -
"This is the nicest person I know!"
A lot of wit, charm and grace, a gentleman esteemed by all.
No vain glory in his book of life, each page will tell you so.
A good example he set, a pattern for others, exceeding most men.
A gift for a poor chid he didn't even know
He would purchase without a whim.
A man on a snowy night, who would look at the beauty of the snow.
And marvel at how good God was;
To paint such a scene so wonderful, knowing he would have
to walk so far to work he didn't drive the cause.
Bouncing back was a virtue-he had his share of strife.
A dictator, he would never be in his quiet walk of life.
Dignity and self respect were this man's fine qualities.
He would pull a weed from his Garden of Life.
If it would later cause him pain;
Strong enough to pull himself out - before the onset of the rain.
Try to let a cloud cover his rainbow - not to live his life in vain!
If his feelings were hurt, you would never know.
No self - pity in the pantry of his heart
Stored with warmth, kindness, purity.
Blessing always shared with others, love and loyalty.
Letting go of his sorrows, trusting God with all his tomorrows.
I sat and thought of this fine man
As I sipped my cup of tea
Let my heart and soul ease out on what he meant to me.
A great dad, a great friend I have written about
in my heart of poetry
And on my heart's easel, I painted a picture
Of a man I wish all could see.
As it is said in the Bible.
"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he"

by Lynda Graham McCormack

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