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The Parable Of Do-Good, Do-Better And Do-Best

Once, a village, right and proper,
thought of ways
To make things,
better for future days.

Accept a gift
from England's Queen
And use it to
promote their theme.
Take the swans,
they contrived
And keep them
at the lake side.
Feed them and
watch them grow
And the people will
enjoy the mating show.
So the pair started with,
soon produced even more
Swans than ever thought possible;
And the swans did
what swans do
And produced,
stuff, known as Doo.
Made the lake
and shore a mire
To be avoided to save
shoes and other attire.
That's the way it was,
in the time of knights and men
When Do-Good
took a presence and action in.

'Time for a change
to take place
To alter the
lake's unpleasant face, '
So ruled Do-Better
who took action,
Which caused amongst the swans,
'It's for the swans and people, '
he said,
As his lieutenants
went ahead.
Called forth equipment to
dig and haul away,
That which had accumulated
to that day.
They visioned a lake again,
pristine in style.
Which would take a bit of Gold
and just a little while.
That's the way it was,
in the time of knights and men
When Do-Better
took a presence and action in.

So, it came to pass that it was
necessary to find
A place like the other.
One the swans wouldn't mind.
Fortunately a lake was located
just out of town
Where the swans
could nest(le) down.
This is just what Do-Best did,
we are told,
Made the move for the swans,
most bold.
Which is the way it was,
in the time of knights and men
When Do-Best
took a presence and action in.

The new lake's alligators
welcomed the swans,
And ate them,
every one.

Some see the actions of
Do-Good, Do-Better, and Do-Best
As nothing more than,
personification of the anti-Christ
But, Others know
that it is the Way
Government works in

(In memory of Lakeland Florida's swans.)

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Wow, this REALLY tells a story, Sidi. We all think we know best but Mother Nature has a way of having the last word. An impressive write...... Love, Fran xx