To My Mom

I always try to come up to your expectations
but im never good enough
all I do for u, its never enough
you forget what i do
but never forget what i didnt do for u
im sorry
i try my level best to make u proud
to make u feel that u have a daughter who isnt useless
but it never works
mom i swear I'll do anything to make u proud
I know u love my brother and lil sis
can u love me the way u love them?
please can I feel your love for once?
please can i get a hug from u?
please can u give me a kiss?
please can i sleep on your lap?
Mom please i love u and I'll do anything
and i mean anything to feel ur love for once
Mom i love u

by Broken heart emo

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I honestly don't know what to think of this, I'm sure the way it is written has something to do with meaning. The wildflowers, must they represent life, and coma death? Is the mouth the thing that longs for you, yet kills you? This is a very interesting piece.