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The Passage
LAS (1962 / Charleston, South Carolina, US)

The Passage

From under the ruffled
Nightgown hem
Slender alabaster ankles
Are carried by
Barefooted soles
Softly padding against
Slick, cold hardwood floors
Set aglow in stripes.
Sunbeams slice the hallway,
Broken with every other step
Into shards of light
By sleepy hair.

The barefooted soul
Seeking safety,
Soft-spoken solace,
Warm whispering
Heart harbor
At the end of the
Cold corridor
But the door
Doesn’t open
Sealed shut
Darkness from under
Silence from within.

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My friend, I'm so pleased to see something new from you, and I really feel what you're feeling in this one. A well-focused piece with echoes of a past life still very much alive within your heart. I've missed you, Lee Ann. I hope this means you're coming back regularly to us. David