The Passing

The pain of a thousand lies buried deep
The loss of another tear & my soul cries for sleep
Symbolic thoughts entwine in mystical inversion
Diversive structure carries in rhythmic conversion
Darkening seas appease in wicked madness
Under a skies cry in mourning blackness
Alienating shapes loom blind in forbidding remorse
As threatening hills roll out in unfamiliar force

The land behind me recedes as a darkening mirage
'The sea as a vast blackened bubble swells & flattens
into a formless skin'.
The moons appearance turns a now deep-red of blood
Cycles in renewal unfold as once quoted

Upon The Dream
A ship of crystal burst from a once lonely horizon in heavenly
At first glance the ship seemingly appears to rise
perpendicular from the ocean as a fortress of many shapes alive in graceful expression.
An angel of silver stands at the helm; her eyes glow
blue & wise to an awaiting dawn.
Her long white hair shines as the threads of spun crystal blowing gently behind her.

Her eyes glance wild, living reflections
Of a dream venture on
Swirling metallic stairs slowly rise in configuration
Meeting soft towers of gold in lacing unification
Her lips slightly part, she sings to us
An orchestrating song

Her voice illuminates as the sounds of an overture harp.
I climb upon the tallest tower to look out across the newly awakened waters.
We travel through the outer dimensions of reality to slowly evolve into the center of tranquility.

by Thomas Wayne Foreman

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