The Passion Of Christ

I'll not hunger for a fortune while others wait and starve!
Nor drink away the afternoon... Nor at the beggars laugh!
I challenge every soul on Earth to stand up for what's right!
To humbly pray for what has worth! No matter, day or night!
This world has problems all its own! Must men be taught to care?
And till all evil's overthrown, I shall not quit My prayer!
For eternal is My vigil! The Cosmos cannot end
Till it's seen faith's mighty struggle and evils are condemned!
Father, grant Me still the passion! Let not the heat grow cold!
Unblemished by every fashion that tries to fit Man's mould!
God gave a shield, God gave a sword, God gave a helmet, too!
So that I'd stand and fight assured and see the battle through!
And if I must die a hero that only God could see,
God grant He makes new blood to flow in heroes just like Me!
For I'll not die a withered man with all My passions spent!
I'll do the very best I can! There's no way I'll relent!
Hell has no fury like the fire that burns within My soul!
To God's great justice I aspire... and God's grace is My goal!
I cannot turn this way or that, retreat My pilgrim path...
Should My dead body be laid flat, 't would be My epitaph!
No craven coward soul am I! No weakling on My own...
I've seen almighty God on high! He's smiling on His Throne!
So if I'm martyred, 'tis God's will... My soul still shines with love!
No matter where My blood may spill, My soul ascends above!

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