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The Passion Of The Christ (Movie By Mel Gibson)
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The Passion Of The Christ (Movie By Mel Gibson)

The Passion of the Christ,
Is making such a stir,
Viewers now think twice,
About the biblical word,
Harsh and violent were the scenes,
Of Christ’s last day as man,
Cruelty beyond our means,
It’s hard to comprehend,
Yet, Christ’s last day alive,
Has transcended time,
His story has survived,
And the reason why he died,
Brutal is to kind of word,
To describe His last day,
All the pain He endured,
For our sins to wash away,
He was betrayed by a kiss,
By a man he called friend,
All because of His spiritual bliss,
His life was His stipend,
Flogged before the crowd,
Till His skin was stripped away,
Then fitted with a crown,
Adorned with thorns inlay,
Then a cross was given Him,
To carry through the streets,
His time on earth was growing dim,
His Father ~ He would meet,
Yet, dying He had to do,
To free the world of sin,
He and His Father knew,
That death was not the end.

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