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Edward, Edward. A Scottish Ballad
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Edward, Edward. A Scottish Ballad

Poem By Anonymous Olde English

Have the souls of our generation become callous and numb
Like over worked hands that will no longer caress
Where has the passion gone
Has it slipped away
Like the sun over the valley when the sky is pink with fading light

Cries go unwanted…unheard…unanswered
The suffering is silent
Like gentle snowflakes floating through the cold night air

Where is the madness
The passionate madness that screams out
Echoing though boundaries
Barreling across boarders

Who among us will speak out for those without a voice
To weak to rise
Like limp willow branches that sway in the wind

Will the hungry starve
The tortured die
The oppressed vanish

Only when we find our hearts
Will we find our might
And amend all our negligence’s

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