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The Past
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The Past

Poem By jennifer jane pryce

I can feel you still; your warm body on mine
Holding me, touching me caressing me as one
And my hands running smooth and soft across your perfect skin
With silken strokes that excite me
How can one person be encapsulated in such beauty?
Your breath was always sweet and
I dreamed of you last night…..
I woke with tears on my pillow, sadness in my heart that
Squeezed any happiness I could have woken with right out….
Oh where are you now, are you stroking someone else
These thoughts cut through me like a knife
Throughout my whole being, and tears they flow so easily
Stinging and causing me to blink and close my eyes
Those tears to dropp on my lap as I sit alone and weep
And still I long for and hope for and pray for you
But still I know there is no chance

You’ve left me now with no going back
Although I would take you back in a heartbeat
Forgive all, forget and cherish more memories
Made together
But you cannot my love… your heart is filled with pain
Pain from your past freezing out what could be warm thoughts
That stops you forgiving, that keeps the coldness in there

I send messages to you, across the wind
Loving messages on the wing of a prayer
Hoping you will pick them up, just like that
Whispering in your ear and telling you I am still here
Waiting for you, holding my breath, waiting for you
To return to me…….

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Comments (2)

Jen, this poem is beautiful, accessible and so nuanced in capturing layers of loss, longing and love. Thanks for sharing it. L x
Well! with Poetry like that.... I'd be back like a SHOT! Great work! Jen! RogerX