The Past

If you ask me what is wrong, you already know i'd tell you a lie
ill brush you off and tell you im fine when deep inside its
eating me alive..The past is the past right? ? Well what do
I do when the past is haunting me and I am hanging on its
every word... And what am I suppose to do when it hurts so
bad all I do is cry? ? tell me please..why I find myself
thinking about it more and more with each and every passing day..
What do I do when it just hurts And I try to hide it deep within
side me hoping it'll just go away.. But it doesnt just go away the
pain gets stronger each and everytime it crosses my mind. I dont
want you to be angry with me for telling you how i feel.. because
the first step to success is communication, and you if you get mad
and dont understand then I have no choice but to take my own hand
and walk with my head down until the day I feel that its worth looking
up again.. You say you will never understand then I guess i will never
get it either, trust me I dont want to change you I just want to show
you how the past is living within me and slowly ripping me apart..

by Samantha Mellon

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No doubt written on the same subject. Just more clarity in the mind of the writer. The reader, perhaps as well, though less willing to listen. And even read any more letters. Though this one is more certain. GW62