The Past

Lying underneath my sheets in the mist of the night
Wondering if I will ever escape the past
Feels like I'm trapped

The past is clinging onto me
Whispers in the night
Feels like I'm never gonna escape it

The past keeps creeping and creeping into my soul
Can't fight it because I'm to weak to even move
Seems like I can never let go of the past

It haunts me everyday in and out
I try not to let it show
With the tears behind my eyes I keep moving on

Because I know I must stay strong
And not let the past defeat me
I'm not gonna give up that easy

I'm tough but at the same time I feel so weak
Feel like an innocent little child in danger
I don't know where to start with this life of mine

The past never goes away
When I think its gone for good
It comes back to my dark soul

Someday somehow I know I must rid this past of mine
I must move forward and start all over
I've got to figure out how to rid this painful past

Aug 3,2008


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