Love Is

Love is quick Love is long
Love is what we have it'll never be wrong
Love is powerful Love is sweet
Love is that connection when our lips meet
Love is wonderful Love is grace
Love is everlasting, at a never ending pace
Love is lust Love is devotion
Love is our most powerful emotion
Love is a hold Love is an embrace
Love is being touched by your simple grace
Love is tender Love is a dream
Love is how all of life should seem
Love is for so many but finds so few
My Love is lucky because my Love is you.

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Truly a great tribute to a forgotten hero. Your wife should be proud of you for thinking of her. : -)
There is no place to vote, but I truly enjoyed this poetic tribute to your wife. She's truly a forgotten hero. : -)
A wonderful tribute to a fantastic first lady, Well done indeed!
It is never easy being a Pastor's wife. Your husband got the call, probably not you. it takes God and grace to follow through. Beautiful piece. Wonderful insight.
Hello everyone. I am so sorry for being late in extending my deepest appreciation to all of you who reviewed and made such wonderful comments about my poem The Pastor's Wife. Thank you so much! Loyd C. Taylor
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