PDC (June 7th / Toronto)

The Path

In the darkest bowels
Of the sunless night
When there is no hope or light
There you shine
Your beauty a light to follow
As my feet trace the narrow path
Darkness marks either side of me
If I should stumble
I would be lost forever
Your soft gentle hand holds me
Guiding me along this path
My eyes forever caught looking
At your radiant beauty
Which all the stars in the heavens
Could dream of outshining
You pick me up when I stumble
I rest with in the firm grasp of your arms
Never wishing to leave it
The path becomes wider and wider
The darkness shrinks away
You resemble a goddess more and more
Your beauty and love leading me to safety
The sun slowly rises on us
The darkness is no more
Now I stand in front of a wondrous beauty
A woman full of love
A goddess offering herself to me
My arms wrap around you in a firm embrace
My lips press up against yours
All I can say is
I love you

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