JW (01/12/1993 / )

The Path

I walk the path, the path of life
A path that everyone walks
It has it's ups and down, its twist and turns
Sometimes you see miles ahead
Other times you can't see your own hands

We walk this path because we have to
We stay on on it because we want to
No one knows the purpose of the path
Or what happens when it comes to an end

Walking beside are friends
Parting with them when the time comes
But always meeting new ones
While still remembering the ones who've gone

A scratch here, a bruise there
You never know what will happen
You trip, you fall
A lesson learned from each one

The sun shines so bright
That it warms you from inside to out
It lets you take it all in
Enjoy each and every moment

The path of life can be grand
Though it can also be dreadful
There may be a couple forks in the road
But remember this, in case you have forgot
We must walk the, but where we go is up to us

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Comments (2)

I walk the path, the path of life A path that everyone walks everyone walks their own path and ends somewhere...all parallel therefore unknown to each other.Superb flow of words here.Talent outbirsts with emotions.
Touching in several ways. sympathetic overall i would say. Great poem.