The Path

Walk on the path
That is Heavenly, blessed.
Any other way
soon ends in darkness.
God's supreme Principle is
To seek very little,
To me that is happiness.
One might have reason
To fear for humanity
That is sliding down the spiral of life,
And cannot behave differently.
Some waiting for Nothing,
Some waiting for Good:
Both come from Heaven—
Or that is what is said.
Where will Good come from
Than from your heart,
Your heart is your Heaven
And your Heaven—your heart
Do not look up, look in.
Don't be confused in the meanings,
In search of a philosophy.
It's all there, simple, simple,
In front of your eyes.
Rally to those images,
Of decency being born,
And Jerusalem being built,
And Thrones and Crowns
And Crosses and Graves.
Don't close your eyes
To a world not knowing
Where it's going
Play no part in strife
Resembling all else
empty of God's grace.
Before you make a move,
Wait to hear from Heaven
And answer THE VOICE,
I'm on the move, I'm on the move,
On my way to YOU.

by Milan Trubarac

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