DS (4/26/1960 / Rochester, NY)

The Path

Life is a choice of different paths, some bend, some end and others you have yet to take. When you run through life or go through it blind sometimes you miss a side road or path that you might have taken but before you know it, it’s in the past.

Very few are the times when they come back around but this time you take it. Your step is lighter and you wonder why you didn’t see this path before? You don’t think of all the time wasted on the other roads, you just rejoice and feel the weight of the world start to lift. You don’t run down this path, you walk with a sense of comfort and belonging. Hope returns to you and you see things in a different, warmer light.

Life has many paths with twists and turns but know this, I’m the path you passed before. If you choose to live the rest of your life as never before with warmth, compassion and understanding just follow the path to my door.

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