The Path

I'm at a fork in the road
Unlike any other
Instead of going left or right
It's up or down another
Road I feel I've been down before
So I guess that I'll go up
I've traveled the road way too far
I feel like a lost little pup

The way down looks so inviting now
To be safe and comforted
Scared, and yet exhilarated I am
I guess I'll go up instead
So many things try to block my path
Like rocks and sticks and trees
And so, I fear, I'll never be able
To see my path clearly

Yet I continue
Am I almost there?
I can't see my path
But I will not despair
The night comes in
Darker still
Where is the end?
I feel so ill

But I will not quit
I will prevail
I will live this day
And tell me morbid tale
When I want to sit down
Something pushes me on
Something keeps saying
'There will be a dawn'

So I live through this night
Through the dark, cold, and wet
I need no reminder
I cannot forget
The pain I've endured
The pain I've overcome
And as I do it again
I know my story's far from done

by Christina Kosemund

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The way down now looks so inviting, the path of life is just like journey of own. I know definitely this is very beautiful poem presented on the desk.