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The Path Of Forgiveness
MN (11-08-1970 / )

The Path Of Forgiveness

Poem By Mary Nagy

As I creep down the path of forgiveness
and I search for my own lonely heart,
I yearn for the feel of completion.
I must finish what God made me start.

I can see in the distant horizon
there resembles someone I once knew.
Do I have the strength needed to reach her?
If I don't can I get it from you?

Will you help clear my path as I'm trudging
down that frightfully winding old road?
Can I lean on your arm for my safety
even though you can't carry my load?

This old path is alive in my memory.
It knew I'd return on this day.
I am listening to my own heartbeat
while the unknown is leading the way.

My legs have been turned into jelly.
I see myself walking along.
I wonder if I should be back here.
For some reason this feels very wrong.

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Comments (5)

Mary, a deeply conflicting piece that exhudes anxiety and mixed emotions. Very powerful and well done! Brian
This is great, Mary. Meter, content, really well written. Best H
You can never go back Mary, but forgiveness is something we all to strive to achieve, not an easy task. Sincerely Ernestine
I think you're doing a good job at showing some honest intense feeling, thanks for sharing.
Mary...The last line, 'this feels very wrong' is very powerful and it fits the end of the poem beautifully. You are really reaching for the pain and touching it. Good poem.