The Path Of Life Has Become A Rut

The written word is my chosen form of expression.
Then why, with it, can't I let go of emotion?
I am overwhelmed by feelings, so confused.
My heart and mind are in discord. My soul feels abused.

I know I am where I've always been.
The same perfectly fit cog that sits in
The machinery of my friends and kin,
In my community.

Yet I feel ill-fitted and trapped among these turning wheels,
Trying hard to fit everyone's ideals.
Turning endlessly in the same place,
I long passively for a change of pace.

I want to follow a brand new track,
One with twists and turns so I can't look back
One with change and variety down the road
Where uncertainty and excitement can lighten my load.

A future full of light living, not weighed down by thought,
A life free of the strict logic my feelings have always fought,
To work out my feelings and live like before,
A clear, simple life, I want nothing more.

by Kathlene Ann

Comments (2)

i would be proud if i wrote this poem. very good. :)
This a wonderful expression of living :) I love it :)