The Path Of The Just

The path of the just is the light of dawn!
So bath yourself with the muse of the truth and,
Live in peace with your neighbours.
Keep your gaze right in front of you!
From the works of the truth;
With positive morals,
According to righteous laws.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Fascinating write we have here Love the theological tough Thanks for sharing!
Defined by whom. With ink quill set to lay still. For one man's justice is another man's sacrilege. Like burning a cross. Accosted for a road less traveled. If you didn't have to work for it, it doesn't belong. To understand what's wrong, you must first realize words are no substitute for a true sense morality. Not opped for, but experienced. First hand tunnel vision. You can show a horse water, but it doesn't mean it will drink. Such is any forced judgement.