Feel In Hot Arms, His Marvel On It.

Muhabbat ko agar hona ho ho jati hay baton mein,
Kaho apni suno meri kabhi jago to raton mein.
Yeh meri bhi zaroorat hay tumhari bhi zaroorat hay
Tumhen mujhse muhabbat hay mujhe tumse muhabbat hay,
Agar samjho to dunya mein yehi to ek haquequat hay,
Yeh jag ki ek rawayet hay yeh rab ki ek inayat hay,
Yeh khushboo hay yeh naghma hay yeh shokhi hay yeh aadat hay,
Yeh Hawa ki qyamat hay yeh Adam ki shararat hay,
Yehi hay zindigi apni isi mein to musarrat hay.
Kabhi chal kar to dekho tum mehekti shahrahon mein,
Khuda mil jaye ga tumko kisi ki garm bahon mein.
Love will spare neither him nor her, but if they talk,
Awake in the nights, listen to, and jointly walk
This is my need and this is your need,
The abstract reality one may call it a greed,
You love me; I love you, a bliss top listed,
If you think, is the only reality that existed,
An old custom and the first preference,
A habit, a song, a romance, a fragrance,
Naughtiness of Adam and Eve's lovely wit,
This is life and joy, enforced by His writ.
The love is a highway travel on it,
Feel in hot arms, His marvel on it.

by Akhtar Jawad

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'The Patriot' is about how the mighty fall after a period of exhilerating popularity. In a sense it is the experience of most celebs nowadays. One minute you're the very best the next - yesterday's news, only in Browning's case he's talking about a patriot. The crowds are behaving differently to the ones a year ago. Before, they were worshipping, now they're waiting for his execution. The patriots who fit the bill are many, JC included. A poem for all time.