(the)payback Factor

Nothing is done to another,
Whether to a relative, friend...
Business associate or a garbage collector.
That is worthy of shown disrespect.
Or a demeaning to do to belittle.
That The Creator of us all,
Can not instantly recall.
And from a place misdeeds,
Continuing these activities go unnoticed.
What is done to diminish,
The presence of anyone to do to perceive...
Unseen by the doer to inflict.
Has a way to return as if to spotlight,
Who the culprits are.
By bringing their hidden misdeeds to centerstage.
And they should expect payback to get.
With no one by God deciding,
When to begin and end the performance of it.
And with it done in a visit,
Unannounced to surprise and shock.
With no knock at a door to leave closed.
Or peeking from a window to see payback exposed.
When the payback factor arrives,
The appearance of it is often invisible.
Yet felt.
By the ones often found,
Either crawling or pleading on their knees...
Begging to God for forgiveness.
Expecting God to grant immediate relief.
For their misdeeds intended.
But expect God to know them not meant.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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