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The Peace Mission
FOA ( / Kampala, Uganda)

The Peace Mission

In search of safety, peace and security
true sons and daughters of the Soil
sit alert in the House-Supreme, with hearts back home
partnered in the noble mission by some peace-bent comrades,
whilst peace-laden honourables and stooges amongst
dilly-dally on trivial issues like smelly socks in the house;
they debate tirelessly for peace at home unheeded,
they propose dialogue with death desperate for life!
Wrestling the spooky unholy giants as last peace resort
in what's mere smoke-screen democracy which cares not
for the poor souls which must perish perilously in the jungles
in the epoch of innuendoes and indecent politics of screen-guys!
Watched; protected or unprotected by the USA, EU, UNO...
see by yourself and look at it the way you want!
In Zaire, in Sudan, in Uganda, in Rwanda, in the Middle East...
but be sure posterity will discern us and epitomize the shepherds
of hope as real champions in career martyrdom for peace,
and indeed fraternity will crown them ultimately
as Kings of truth in the Peace Mission.

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