The Peace Of My Mind 2

On the field to play the match,
Have you been loved deeply before? !
Facing the ways of life.

With the persistence of hope.

Crappie, hardhead, shark and seal;
In this life,
What you give is what you get.

Jellyfish, crawfish, sturgeon and walrus;
This world is like a dog eating dog meat.

You hate the Americans but you have enough U. S. Dollars in your pocket;

Being adamant;
Havoc! !
A sea of poverty.

Theological Dictionary,
Long concealed;
World report,
Well known!
However, i have the peace of my mind!
Like the Limpopo River to express my views;

Young and extreamly attractive! !
Sweet and extreamly beautiful;

My heart so lovely,
My mind so sweet!

But i am like the lamb among the wolves in this life,
But the summer's heat is in my
garden of love.

The full glare of it,
Seeing the ways of mankind on earth today;
But the act of the rats and the Sense of the peackcock around informs me about something.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Lamb among the wolves.Nicely expressed.