The Peacock In Me

Poem By John Roche

I preen my feathers
in self-congratulatory glee;
awash with the greatness
of my achievements,
disdaining the side-effects,
for they affect me not.

I blind myself
to the trail of damaged emotions
that follow in the wake
of my arrogance,
and feed the raging furnace
of my ego
with the fuel of broken accords.

I do not see
the accident around the bend,
toward which I hurtle
through unbridled ambition;
so taken am I
with my resplendent plumage.

Comments about The Peacock In Me

A Peacock in full display of self. Thanks, lovely!
the beauty and the intelligence lies in the paradox... ulrike
I was like that (and maybe to some degree still am) . Very well put. The paradox, though, being you're so AWARE of it!

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