The Pear Tree

Poem By sherry jones

The Pear Tree
by E. Elizabeth Longwell
I love our old pear tree,
Our old gnarled pear tree.
It doesn't bear apples
And it doesn't bear pears,
So it has lots of room
For the bears.

So up in the pear tree
Where the pears are not -
The nice juicy pears
That the tree hasn't got-
Lives a family of bears
As fierce as can be.

They're wild old bears
But they're scared of me.
‘Cause whenever I shout
To the top of the tree,
"Bears, Bears,
You better watch out,
I'm coming upstairs-"

You can hear them growl,
The way bears do,
"Come on upstairs
We'renot afraid of you."

But they're scared all right
‘cause they never stop
To play or fight
When I reach the top
They're out of sight

I wouldn't hurt the sill old bears.
I like them better than apples or pears
In our old pear tree
That doesn't grow apples
Or doesn't grow pears,
But leaves lots of room
For me and the bears

this was written in 1945 by E.Elizabeth Longwell

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I would like to see this author Elizabeth Longwell poem, The Pear Tree placed here in this poem setting. I do not know how to do this. It is a wonderful poem and Kids love it!

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