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The Pendulum
LT (May 12,1984 / Fort Worth, Texas)

The Pendulum

Poem By Lee Tran

'The pendulum swings into the light.'

A glint of happiness amidst the black shroud,
of half-moon tears glisten like frost on
cold dried leaves waiting to feel the coronas
grace them once more to lavish the warmth
once held inside an icy prison.

'Then the pendulum swings the other way into darkness.'

The veil closes its door to the sky of light
bringing everlasting gloom to the eyes of sorrow
leading them into drunkened states of apathy.

The wine flows red with the scars from silver
edges; take no heed of the screams curling like
wisps of shadow on white washed walls.

The irony of a manic-depressive life
unfurls from the silk sheets in blazing glory,
a rebirth, then dies, falling to the stone floor.

'The pendulum then ceases to move.'

Frozen in anticipation, the look on my face
remains unchanged, yet the pain inside
drums on with a heartbeat of glass.

Fragile, concaved memories leading from
one thread to the next, in an endless rush
to snuff each one out in sucession.

Closing the doors, never believing in a false
misconception of faith; death filled to the
brim with the remorse of my suicide.

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Your poem helped me gain clarity. Cheers.