Eating Animals

We are people
people of the earth
we don't eat other people
so why eat animals?

Animals accompany us
everyday an animal is spotted
somewhere around the earth
and it helps us through life

So people on earth
be nice to the animals
all cows, chickens, pigs
Don't eat them!

Don't eat them
because imagine it

being cooped up
then being shot
and then ate
is that how life should end?

by Make A Wish

Comments (7)

Swedish Band Tiamat made a song with this poem as lyrics and named it The Pentagram. It is one of the greatest songs i've ever heard.
An otherworldly and out there write. Not a fan of this one.
ohh baphomet come eat our souls
thy lord baphomet shall reign upon earth and the unholy
wotan: what part of 'drove the celestial team' did you not understand?
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