Faith Is A Garland Of Flowers

Faith is a flower newly unlocked
Strung they can also make a garland.
Whose fragrance travels the world?
Whose beauty coverts the globe ongoing…
Iridescent as an opal - newly moulded.

It is as if a cherished rose must be
Plucked wet, externally blooded:
And, not so delicately hand picked
So as this lovers vine can expand…
Love, mustn't be guarded like a temple.

Else the fruit of love won't ripen!
The seed won't pip or draw in water
Pure at the core of, it's thirsting soul.
And roots will wither at their source
Then-on! Weeping stems, flowers shall fall.

by Mark Heathcote

Comments (7)

Swedish Band Tiamat made a song with this poem as lyrics and named it The Pentagram. It is one of the greatest songs i've ever heard.
An otherworldly and out there write. Not a fan of this one.
ohh baphomet come eat our souls
thy lord baphomet shall reign upon earth and the unholy
wotan: what part of 'drove the celestial team' did you not understand?
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