The Tale Of The Tiger. Prose Poem.

There lived a tiger in the forest nearby. There was a bird that lived close to him. One day the tiger wanted to draw her attention. He started shouting very loud.

'I cant take it anymore.. oh oh '...she said.

The bird at first didn't pay attention. But soon she started becoming very annoyed. Unable to come up with a plan she been very angry, waited for the tiger to get asleep and when he was asleep, bought a pair of scissors and cut off his tail.

The tiger woke up. When he found his tail missing, he became very angry. He didn't knew what to do. The bird flew away and the tiger, understanding it has been done by the bird... started chasing her.
The bird took the tail and put it in a box. She thought this would bring some feeling for her. But the tiger was adamant.

So the nearby birds, the others which was 8 of them, slowly came up to her and told her to give the tail away. The bird, a duck billed platypus to be specific, got very depressed and threw the tail back. The tiger running all this time, took the tail with is paw and fixed it back to where it belonged.

The tiger running all this time through a valley took a left turn and came to an open field. There were 7 deer there.The one on the extreme right asked what is the trouble all about. And before she could understand the tiger started chasing her.

The other deer ran away but the tiger kept chasing the deer, a small variation of antelope. They ran and ran in the twilight and the whole field ran away underneath their feet.

Slowly the landscape changed and there was dense forest in front of them. The deer ran fast and went into the forest. The tiger kept chasing. In the forest the deer got her antlers stuck in one of those bushes. The moon shone on her flesh.

The tiger said that ' they get fixed in their own folly '. The round neck the back of the deer was what the tiger looking at. But somehow the deer ran away.

The tiger ran and ran and came to a river. He dived into the river.The tiger swam and swam....

the tiger,
gerrr.... gerrr... broke off...
the tie.. the tie...
I... I

' I swam and swam. I was thirsty and hungry. Then finally I saw land.
Land ho, land ho... I swam and swam and there was land in front of me. And I saw a cross. I saw land and I saw a cross and I fell in love.

That you don't get love, love gets you.

It is a very painful thing to realize but the sooner the better. '.....the tiger said to himself. And if it stands for one, it stands for all.... he thought.

Not that he was all wrong after all. At least he quenched his thirst nonetheless.

by Subhadip Bhattacharya

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