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The People Admired By Many

The people admired by many for their gains in material greed
Though of more of their sort Mother Earth is not in need
In their yearning for more billions in money the Earth they seek to destroy
Not much hope for a good future for every young girl and boy
By taking from our Earth Mother their fortune in billions does grow
Yet sadly these are the people many do wish to know
Yet despite their multi millions in money they are not very wise
Since they are helping to destroy the one who does feed us they fail to realize
In their material gains they take a great sense of pride
Whilst the gap between the wealthy and poor growing wider Worldwide
This race for material gain to me does seem all wrong
Due to them the children of the future may never hear birdsong
And sad to think that those who abuse our Earth Mother many do admire
And just to be like them they to do aspire.

by Francis Duggan

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