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The People I Trust
WD (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

The People I Trust

Poem By Wesongah David

They are not the most adorable,
And are a bunch,
Either of liars or a poor delegation of sectarians.

They are an army of pests,
Out to thrive on my blood-
First to go under though when in liquidation,
But trust them nevertheless.

They readily break peace,
Turn all into dishevelled pieces.
Turn me inside out,
Only to stay out when I go in.

They readily act as sidekicks,
Pushing me lightly to sunlight,
More vigourously into darkness,
especially more when eve the moon's stopped shining.

They laugh and pat my back,
Discuss politics, life everything over the table.
And pass the bill with a light touch!

They comment on everything,
Quibble over anything,
Making sense on generally nothing.

They are the people I trust,
Most Ironic of humankind,
But natural for flowers in bloom,
Withering in gloomy seasons!
After all! !


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