The Perfect Crime

Poem By Brenda Finch

They said I was loyal
all those years
that I must’ve shed
a river of tears

My suffering
was saint-like
who could blame me
for taking a hike?

I’ve paid
my dues
it’s about time
I was free

Look at the news
everyone agrees.
no one should
be expected to endure
what happened to me

I should
be given
a medal of honor
Some symbol
of my valor...

Even go down
in history
as a
Hall of Fame-er.

My lawyer
was the best
in his field
he knew exactly
where to hit

For inside of
a few days
it was dust
that she bit.

I was right,
they told me so
and in my defense
I had thousands
chanting for her
to Go Go Go!

It was easy
it was applauded
so many agreeing
I’m a hero

as such
I was

And so it goes
I won
she’s done

I committed
the perfect crime
how exquisitely,
how utterly,
how brilliantly

Comments about The Perfect Crime

Interesting poem; great flow. Thanks for sharing!
Marvelous Brenda, though I had expected more of a twist at the end. Perhaps the title gave it away a bit? ? ? Otherwise it was great. Good rhyme and rythm.

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