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The Perfect Day For An Uprising
LJS (12 March 1985 / Cape Town)

The Perfect Day For An Uprising

As I sit in the creative writing class
And wonder by my troth
What I am doing
I am asked to write about a topic that I have no schema to.

My eyes are tired
My body is worn
This English department can make one wan
I would like to protest against their policy

Today I think is a perfect day for an uprising?
While my fellow peers
“If that’s what I can call them” sit scribbling on the desk
I wonder are they experiencing the same hell as I feel now.

The weather is beautiful
Drops of tears fall “plop” to the ground
Strangely I hear birds chirping
The lyrical sound brings joy to my heart

Maybe the uprising can wait for another day
As the light shines on me
I hope my pen will not dry out
The lecturer scribbles seriously wondering
“ What the hell these students are thinking about”?

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