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The Perfect End
CDI (10/12/1989 / )

The Perfect End

A day trip just to see me
I'm flattered; anyone would be
I can't believe I can finally see her
It's like everything in my head is just a blur

She opens my door
She's just like I imagined, but more
Tall, beautiful, skinny and a great smile
This one moment made the entire wait worthwhile

We just stand there
Giving each other a blank stare
She was right, I did get lost in her eyes
Her getting lost in mine was however a surprise

I invite her inside
It took her a minute to decide
I could tell she was very nervous and shy
I told her that my parents just wanted to say hi

I then take her around
Gave her a walk through the town,
Around the town, then to my spot on the hill
We can see everything, the school, church, even the far away mill

The sun starts to set
So we hurry up and jet
Back to my house before the day ends
On the way back we end up passing my friends

We give a quick ''hi''
Then we give a quick ''bye''
Our day all depends on getting back before the night
I was so glad we got back right in time for the best sight

The night's first stars
The first one we see we make ours
Many more come and fill up the night sky
I look in her eyes, and then all of a sudden become very shy

We just smile
Then after a little while
She lays her head back on my chest
With her laying there I felt very blessed

I can't be shy no more
I kissed her like I never kissed before
We just stare back up in the sky and talk away
Eventually we go inside, then to bed, and just wait for the next day

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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