The Perfect 'Friend'

I like my new friend,
I think he’s so sweet,
He’s always so calm,
Whenever we meet.

He doesn’t judge,
He’s really so neat,
He makes me feel good,
Whenever we meet.

He doesn’t mind,
However I greet,
He stays so patient,
Whenever we meet.

I always feel that,
He says, “Take a seat, ”
“Off load all your worries.”
Whenever we meet.

He always seems fair,
No, he doesn’t cheat,
He’s so unbiased,
Whenever we meet.

But now,
Here’s a problem,
This new friend of mine,
Although always listens,
Chooses to decline.

To give me his thoughts,
His views and his fears,
He doesn’t guide me,
Or wipe off my tears.

His patience is useless,
When I’m in a spot,
He doesn’t do anything,
When things get hot.

He just swims around,
In that round shaped dish,
What use is this friend,
My charming pet fish?

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

Cute poem, Aisha... nicely done! ! Brian
wow wow wow... it sounds simply charming Lubna