The Perfect Guy

Im tired of the heartache
The lies, the cheats
All i want is a guy
Who will be there for me

He doesnt have to be hot,
Not even cute
As long as l like him,
And he treats me right

He doesnt have to know how to kiss
Cos i could show him how to do that,
But he needs to be brave enough
To take action, when i cant

He needs to know how to hug me
The way i want to be hugged
And he needs to hold my hand
When i need him beside me

He has to know
The perfect time to make his move
And he needs to know when its the right time
To tell me 'I Love You'

This guy is too perfect
But i know he's out there somewhere
I wont wait around for him
And i will search for him everyday

He doesnt have to come fast
Just at that perfect time
As for now i will search
Until i find that perfect guy

by taylor dumm

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