The Perfect Lie

When you ask why I'm so tired,
I tell you I was up late studying
When you ask why I'm so sensitive
I tell you my feelings are easily hurt
When you ask why my eyes are so red,
I say 'It's just my allergies'
When you ask where the cuts came from,
I blame the cat
When you ask why I never eat my food,
I reply 'Just a loss of appetite'
When you ask me why I look so frail,
I claim that it's just the bad lighting
When my grades start slipping,
I swear to you 'I'll get them back up'
When my whole life goes up in smoke,
I promise you it's just a little crisis
But what do I say when that day comes and I find you standing over me in the hospital,
Do I finally give you the truth or just make up another perfect lie

by Amanda Austin

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