The Perfect Poem!

I wrote it last night while sleeping,
The dream unfolding all!
I penned the poem while weeping,
Repenting like Saint Paul!
Yes, so moved was I while writing
God sent an angel down...
I saw two armies while fighting
To gain some worldly crown!

God's army fought well while praying!
Yet Satan merely sneered!
God's army fought Hell while saying
That evil must be cleared!
I saw the Devil while smiling
At all his works of death!
He grinned each second while piling
More agonies each breath!

I saw the Saviour while searching
The world for volunteers!
I saw the Saviour while urging
Lost souls to fight their fears!
I saw the Father while sighing,
Grim-faced at all the pain!
I saw the Father while trying
Ten billion souls to gain!

I saw the Spirit while brooding,
Still hovering above...
I saw this planet while feuding -
Man's choices: hate or love!
I lay in my bed while waking,
Finding paper and pen,
Then read this poem while taking
Some time to pray again...

by Denis Martindale

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