The Perfect Prayer

Heavenly Father, Lord of all,
Creator of Mankind,
Appointing angels to the Church,
determined to be kind.
Almighty in Your judgements,
encompassing the truth,
Bestowing wisdom based on love
and yet without reproof.

Most righteous King and Saviour,
Defender of the weak,
Championing every noble cause
for love, joy, peace You seek.
Most holy and most giving,
most precious, most divine,
Accepting sinners who repent
as light on them You shine.

Both Redeemer of the remnant
and Teacher to the saved,
Esteeming all the innocent,
the gentle, well behaved.
Both the Preacher and the Prophet,
Director of the stars,
Sacrificing Christ, Your Son,
who shows the world His scars.

Be proud of Him, the Lamb of God,
the One You rose from death,
For He is worthy who was slain…
Jesus of Nazareth.
Let angels worship near Your Throne,
resplendent in their wings,
For Christ is perfect in Your sight,
triumphant in all things.

Please send Christ soon, when time is right,
the Blesséd Hope, indeed.
The world needs Jesus Christ to rule,
how else can Man succeed?
Heavenly Father, hear our prayer,
we seek not wealth or fame…
Please send Christ soon, that's all we ask,
this day in Jesus' Name.


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and Revelation TV and their Watch Now
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Denis Martindale.

by Denis Martindale

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