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The Perfect Proposal
JLW (23rd July 1990 / Birmingham)

The Perfect Proposal

Like a warm summers breeze you gust into my world,
Send me spinning, tossed and twirled,
You’ve changed my life from being boring and sad,
You make me get up in the morning feeling happy and glad,
That I’ve found someone so sweet and so beautiful,
You make me feel like my heart is complete,
The world’s wonders are at my feet,
With you close at hand,
Up tall I can stand,
You’ve taught me how to love,
Let me show you what you mean to me,
By asking you to marry me,

By making me the happiest man ever,
I’m your truly forever and ever,
Don’t be afraid just to ask,
If you ever need help in one of gods tricky tasks,
As I said I’m yours forever,
Accept my love, give me yours,
Stay in my heart forever and ever.

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