The Performance

With grace and fury into the arena the birds flew,
daunting their colors while showing no fear,
they lit in the grass to drink of the morning dew,
quenching their thirst, they sang sweet music to our ears. They all played while listening for any sound of danger,
Triumphantly they'd joust and display their noble pride,
when suddenly with a gust of wind there appears a stranger,
They each took flight, attempting to find a place to hide,
But there was no need for alarm as a hawk took over the throne,
no bird will challenge him for the kingdom or else he'd be gone. Together, the jays, cardinals, sparrows, and robins began to sing,
briskfully they bounce about with a flutter in their wings,
with feathers a-glow from the morning sun,
the day matured and so did their fun,
soon the sun began to set in the west,
it's time to leave and return to the nest,
With a spring and no show of dismay,
harmonizing, the birds sang the day away.

by Al Gibson

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