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The Perils Of Owning A Rhyming Dictionary
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The Perils Of Owning A Rhyming Dictionary

Poem By Flying Lemming

I walked down the street
Following my feet
Down the road I went
My hair was flocculent (1)

I went in a café
That was on my way
I ordered some fries
And began to gormandise (2)

That didn’t scratch my itch
I dreamed of a whole flitch (3)
Almost swallowed my spoon
May have an entozoon (4)

Then I wandered home
My jacket very roan (5)
I didn’t get too far
Felt I had a fistula (6)

I looked towards the sun
Shining like molybdenum (7)
Not sure where I should be
Like my mind is a heptarchy (8)


When you write a poem or verse try to use your own voice
Speak as you speak in general speech that’s always the best choice
Using long words to sound very smart can have a lot of appeal
But, like a cow on a skateboard, it will look cool, but it won’t look real

(1) like tufts of wool
(2) eat fast or like a glutton
(3) side of bacon
(4) internal parasite
(5) (of horses) a coat where the main colour is thickly mixed with another
(6) pipe like ulcer
(7) silver white metallic element
(8) ruled by seven

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Comments (3)

i liked it alot. i also liked the cow on a skateboard.
Hi Fly / touch the sky / liked the tone / away it roamed xxx
nothing flocculent about this poem, lemming.....very clever...rachael