The Perpetuating Of Kept Foolish Delusions

Disrespecting to accept an expressed disbelief,
To leave it to go uninvestigated...
Has led to the perpetuating of kept foolish delusions,
That has allowed the presence of unavoidable madness...
An attention given as if a UFO has descended,
To 'awe' the sight of many today awakening to face,
A diminishing of what is believed to question its existence.

'WHERE did all of this confusion start?
And HOW did all of it go unnoticed for so long?
WHY are 'our' lives being bombarded by such conflict?
As if an enforcing mental combat endorses the struggle.'

~From your beliefs to disbelieve the reality of it.
And the refusing to admit its credibility.
Your mindset is being attacked by facts.~

'I can not fathom what is happening.~

Observing the others also 'fathomless',
Perhaps joining them...
Will provide all of you an explanation that is acceptable.
In the mean time that is 'now',
If I were you...I would not 'assume' vistory will be found,
Around the next corner.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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